Thursday, February 10, 2005

Privatizing janitor's jobs at public universities

HB 591

Fred Brown (R-Bryan)

This bill would require all "waste removal services" at universities to be subcontracted to either a local government or private business, privatizing all janitorial jobs at institutions of higher education. I honestly doubt this bill will go anywhere, but then again Brown's been filing higher ed. bills like the madman he is - mainly since he's an important, high-ranking member on the House Higher Ed. Committee.

Let's all just cross our fingers that this bill suffers a timely death.


At 12:02 PM, Blogger N. Schwellenbach said...

Is Brown the chair of the House Higher Ed Committee?

At 1:21 PM, Blogger imasuit said...

No, Geanie Morrison is the Chair, just like last session. However, Fred Brown was the Vice Chair and CBO (Chairman of Budget and Oversight) last session; this session he's only the CBO and Tony Goolsby is now the Vice Chair.

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