Wednesday, April 13, 2005

House to debate HB 1006

Today, the House of Representatives is set to debate the revenue caps set out by HB 1006.

Earlier today, the Dallas Morning News reported on how some have labeled the revenue caps "a bit hypocritical" since local governments must meet certain unfunded state mandates without the ability to raise taxes. There have been warnings "that if the bill passes, fees will go up for libraries, parks and swimming pools, and taxing entities will issue more bonds to pay for expenses."

Also, cities and counties have praised the demise of appraisal cap bill.

On an unrelated note, Rep. Ray Allen (R-Grand Prairie) presented and passed House Resolution 948, recognizing Texas counties "for their countless contributions to the betterment of the Lone Star State" on County Government Day - today, April 13, 2005. The resolution also recognized members of the Texas Association of Counties, who had Dr. Ray Perryman actively lobby against [PDF] HJR 35 and its enabling legislation, HB 784 - which has been postponed in light of yesterday's result. It's too bad that Allen didn't move to place all Rep's names on the resolution.


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

All the names in the resolution? ha ha. That was a funny.

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