Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just what Texas needs - a Sin City

Sylvestor Turner has filed HB 897 and House Joint Resolution 38 (since a constitutional amendment is required for this type of gambling) to bring in an estimated $1.2 billion in new revenue through expanded gambling by placing video slot machines in dog tracks and Indian reservations across the state. In addition, the Texas Lottery Commission would issue a video lottery retailer license in Houston, Galveston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, the lower Rio Grande Valley, East Texas, the Panhandle-South Plains area and Central Texas.

Turner wanted to transform the next-to-useless Astrodome into the world's largest casino last session, and this bill may be able to begin transforming the eighth wonder of the world into a wonderful new home for sucking pocket change from old ladies.

"Two years ago I would have voted 'no' on this," Turner told the Houston Chronicle. "We can't be asking for additional revenue for children, pay raises for judges, significant property tax cuts, without trying to come up with legitimate ways to pay for those needs."

Two words: Income Tax.

Or in more words than that: close tax loopholes for business partnerships. (that's six words)


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