Friday, March 18, 2005

Like I said yesterday,

a lot of bills were pushed through the Calendars committee yesterday (much like the Local & Consent Calendars committee). The following actions were taken yesterday:

  • The following measures were placed on the General State Calendar for Monday, March 21, 2005: HB68, HB225, HB282, HB404, HB423, HB1077, and HB1286.

  • The following measures were placed on the General State Calendar for Tuesday, March 22, 2005: HB81, HB256, HB265, HB322, HB472, HB548, HB729, HB755, HB914, HB946, HB1285, and HB1478.

  • The following measures were placed on the Local, Consent, and Resolutions Calendar for Wednesday, March 23, 2005: HB18, HB67, HB74, HB102, HB178, HB204, HB230, HB263, HB297, HB350, HB479, HB532, HB564, HB593, HB595, HB596, HB597, HB638, HB705, HB723, HB735, HB736, HB737, HB738, HB739, HB740, HB741, HB742, HB743, HB744, HB747, HB760, HB794, HB885, HB901, HB932, HB935, HB957, HB1058, HB1139, HB1163, HB1310, and HB1394.

Notice that HB 789 isn't on there. However, Phil King, the bill's author, is interested in having it heard on Wednesday (well, allegedly - it's just what I heard). Hmm...I wonder if this has anything to do with the upcoming Easter holiday - many representatives are planning on going home for a long weekend, so the thought is that many bills will be shoved through since the rep's might not put up as much of a fight. Fantastic.

And watch for HB 7, the worker's comp bill, to be heard on the House floor next week too.

Well I'll post my thoughts on the telecom bill soon.


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