Thursday, March 17, 2005

Telecom bill gets voted out of committee

In a flurry of ad hoc committee hearings called on the House floor today, the telecommunications bill HB 789 was voted out of the Regulated Industries committee today. The Calendars committee, which coincidentally had a formal meeting at the same time, will determine sometime in the near future when that bill, along with many others voted out over the past fifteen minutes, hits the House floor. Updates to come.


At 11:25 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Oh the Tomfoolery never ceases to amaze!

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Oh the Tomfoolery never ceases to amaze!

At 11:14 AM, Blogger imasuit said...

I forgot to mention that the ban on municipal WiFi was deleted in the version that was voted out, but look for an amendment to come out on Wednesday.

Anyways, I'll include this in my synopsis of HB 789, to be posted in the coming days.

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