Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I was not advised

Although I'd heard that Gov. Perry is visiting Dubai to dedicate a Texas A&M Engineering Facility, I was not aware that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst now has the authority to appoint a TYC conservatorship. Since the acting governor is out of the state, the lt. governor acts as the head of state.

It's no secret that Dewhurst is considering losing a little power in exchange for a white mansion at 10th and Colorado, and undoubtedly he'll mention it along the campaign trail around 2009-10: "And as Lieutenant Governor, I saved your boys from getting raped with state dollars."

Rep. Jim Dunnam tried to present a resolution on the House floor requesting that Dewhurst appoint a conservatorship, but Speaker Craddick continues to stonewall House efforts to get involved with the conservatorship, raising speculation that he may have something to hide. Although Craddick allowed Jerry Madden to appoint his joint committee, he is not allowing legislation to flow through. Dunnam was able to attach an amendment onto HB 8, but that's it so far.

Let's see what Dewhurst can do as governor today.

UPDATE: To not fuel the speculation, I'll post this for reasons of disclosure: Maybe Craddick has something to hide, or maybe he just doesn't like Dunnam or Merritt....


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