Friday, March 02, 2007

Perry's 3 letter session

Unbecoming photo courtesy of Capitol Annex

Landslide Rick ain't looking so good as of late. In what some are calling a 3 letter session -- from TYC to HPV to TTC to TXU (don't forget KKR) -- Gov. Perry is probably thinking of just one that starts with four letters. So far, his executive orders are falling short of their intended effectiveness, and his new appointment, Ed Owens, as TYC chair falls far short of the conservatorship that all 31 Senators asked for, via SR 384, on Wednesday's irregular evening session.

As Quorum Report reported half an hour ago:
A pair of House members, Democrat Jim Dunnam of Waco and Republican Tommy Merritt of Longview, went further, saying today’s action in effect let Perry off the hook on naming a conservator.

So if Gov. Perry won't go far enough, then who will? This afternoon, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Speaker Tom Craddick issued a press release (Thanks TX Observer..) announcing a Joint Select Committee on the Texas Youth Commission (TYC), co-chaired by Sen. John Whitmire and Rep. Jerry Madden.

Just this minute (literally), QR reported that Travis County DA Ronnie Earle began an investigation today. This is certainly a hot-button issue -- such as some claiming that 'they're using state dollars to rape our boys' -- and much more fallout is expected.

Please see previous posts for HPV and TXU. I may do something on TTC soon, but shit it's Friday, closing in on 5pm. Look for something relatively soon though.


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