Thursday, February 17, 2005

APD on the UT campus?

Terry Keel (R-Austin) authored HB 479, which would grant local law enforcement agencies, including the Austin Police Department, the the same jurisdiction, powers, privileges, and immunities as the University of Texas at Austin Police Department. They would have jurisdiction over "all or part of the university campus" and would retain "the autonomous authority to deploy agency personnel on university property and in university facilities." So they can drive around campus with shotguns and AR-15s in the trunk of their squad car and beat anti-war activists, also.

EDIT: From today's (Feb. 18) Austin American Statesman:

Keel wrote the bill in response to a policy established in August by former UT Police Chief Jeffrey Van Slyke that prohibited Austin police officers from attending UT events without prior approval from university police. The policy, which also required off-duty city police officers to surrender their weapons while on campus, was abandoned in November.

P.S. The House Higher Education Committee is having a public hearing the bill on Monday, February 21 in E2.036.


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