Friday, April 15, 2005

Road signs soon to commemorate W

Now that the House has killed appraisal caps and sent revenue caps back to committee, members will debate HB 137 on Monday, which would require that:

A "Welcome to Texas" sign erected by the department must include the following elements:
(1) a depiction of the state flag;
(2) the phrase "Drive Friendly--The Texas Way"; and
(3) the phrase "Welcome to Texas--Proud to be the Home of President George W. Bush,"

which would change all 66 welcome signs in Texas.

I wish I could propose an amendment to say: "Proud to now be the Home of Connecticut-native [President] George W. Bush," or "Proud to be the Vacation Home of President George W. Bush."

Why do our lawmakers have such an infatuation with changing our road signs to honor partisan politicians?


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