Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Well-funded anti-tax scare tactics

Today the Austin American-Statesman reported that Governor Rick Perry's office is soliciting over $1 million from lobbyists to pay for a grassroots campaign to support lowering property taxes through measures like HB 1006.

NOTE: The House has already killed HJR 35 and HB 784, the appraisal caps bills, meaning those two issues won't be brought up until the 80th Legislative session - well, barring any special session called.

Delisi asked lobbyists to consider paying for nearly $690,000 in radio spots in Austin and eight other cities, according to a copy of her presentation.

Three waves of mailings targeting more than 100,000 Republican voters would cost $282,000. About $100,000 would be spent on polling, and another $100,000 would cover follow-up phone calls to recipients of the mailers.


Perry on Tuesday kept up his press to restrict local taxes.

The Republican governor told Austin's KVET radio that unless lawmakers rein in local property taxes, homeowners will be overwhelmed.

"You're going to have senior citizens have to move out of their homes," Perry said.


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