Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now the Tom Delay bill is up

Previously, I'd posted that HB 2492 is a bill that could help Tom Delay's case if he's able to delay it until September 1, 2007, the enactment date of the legislation. A commenter caught the fact that HB 2492 was actually something different, so I took the post down.

However, as I always like to be right - however few and far in between - and say that today's Calendar has HB 2491, also by Leo Berman, which is in fact the bill I originally wanted to reference.

This would allow for corporations and unions to pay for office space, telephones, and salaries of administrative personnel, etc., but would restrict any expenditures from those organizations on political consulting, telephone banks, political fundraising, etc.

My last post was entitled "Tom Delay bill quietly passes." Word on the street is that this bill won't pass so quietly, and many corporations and unions are scrambling to get in some amendments. I can't speak to specifics, but look for it today on the House floor.


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