Monday, February 28, 2005

Opposition to stem cell research gettin' a lil outta control

Well that's according to a recent Rio Grande Valley Politics post. New legislation would guard against human cloning - OK, I've heard the arguments for that. But HB 864 would also make it a felony to conduct any form of stem cell research - including studying a patient's own DNA in a petri dish - and to ban the transportation of stem cells to or from Texas. This is especially freaky since:

If a cure for diabetes was found in California as of the result of stem cell research, any Valleyite going to California specifically to be cured of diabetes would be GUILTY of a felony upon returning home to Texas. Even if the same Valleyite transported their own DNA to culture stem cells in a Petri dish would be GUILTY of a felony and subject to civil penalties not less than $500,000 for seeking treatment for their incurable disease.


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