Friday, April 22, 2005

HB 1006 pulled down again

For the second time, the House debated HB 1006, and for the second time the debate went nowhere. Republicans still don't have the votes to push it through, so they ended the House floor much earlier than expected. Today will be a long day since Representatives didn't even touch any of the other bills they were supposed to vote on yesterday, but HB 1006 will have to wait a while for another floor debate.

Kudos to Rep. Fred Hill (R-Richardson) for his integral role in working against HB 1006 - he was key during both of the bill's debates, despite objections from fellow Republicans.

Today, the San Antonio Express-News reported on how Comal County's budget has increased at a rate far beyond inflation.

Last year, indigent health care went $369,000 over budget.

Expenses for public defenders went $83,000 over budget, and the cost of housing juveniles in detention centers also went $83,000 over budget.

Other major factors were autopsies, which went $39,600 over budget, and vehicle repairs, which went $39,000 over. Courthouse security was also a major unbudgeted expense, Ferrell said.


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